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Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT™)


CVT has been performing Endovenous Laser Ablations for over eight years. This No-Surgery, No-Scar procedure is performed in our office by our Vascular Physicians Dr. James Craven, Dr. James McNeil, Dr. P. Michael Davis, Jr. and Dr. Michael S. Conners, III.


The EVLT™ Procedure

EVLT™ Endovenous Laser Treatment is a breakthrough in the treatment of unsightly, uncomfortable varicose veins. Bloated, blue varicose veins results from valve failure in the major leg vein, known as the greater saphenous vein, causing blood to back up into the lower leg.

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EVLT procedure

Unlike surgical tying and stripping, EVLT™ uses a diode laser fiber threaded through a small incision in the greater saphenous vein to seal the problem blood vessel safely and effectively, re-routing the flow of blood to the healthy veins and eliminating the problem.


EVLT™ takes about 45 minutes to perform. The patient is able to walk out and resume normal activity quickly without any lasting side effects.

The EVLT™ Advantage

  • An improvement in general health

  • EVLT™ is performed under local anesthetic

  • The procedure is minimally invasive requiring a very small access point thus there is very little risk of noticeable scarring and or postoperative infection

  • Total time required for treatment is less than an hour

  • Rapid recovery with reduced postoperative pain

  • Normal activities can be resumed as early as the next day

  • Excellent clinical and aesthetic results; EVLT™ has been shown to have a success rate of 98 percent at one month follow-up, and 93.4 percent at two-year follow-up

The Patient Benefits

  • Relief from swelling, cramps and leg heaviness

  • An improvement in general health

  • Confidence to “bare” your legs again

  • Able to renew activities you enjoy without physical discomfort

  • Renewed energy and vigor

  • Freedom from wearing uncomfortable and unfashionable compression stockings

  • EVLT™ cures the problem rather than just slowing its progression (compared with other treatments)

  • Significant cosmetic improvements in the appearance of the leg (compared to other treatments)

Compared with Surgical Stripping

  • EVLT™ causes much less trauma to the leg and fewer side effects

  • No operative scars

  • No general anesthesia or pain killers

  • No hospital stay

  • Much quicker recovery with less post treatment discomfort

Compared with Other Alternative Minimally Invasive Treatments

  • EVLT™ offers more than 94 percent of its patients lasting relief, which is comparable or superior to results from radio frequency technologies. Follow-up studies from 6 to 24 months later have shown that 10-14 percent of its radio frequency patients suffer from some level of post treatment reflux.

  • Minor skin discoloration are gone after four weeks

  • Reduced risk of major complications such as traumatized tissues or nerve damage

  • EVLT™ treats the disease at its source as opposed to transdermal lasers and sclerotherapy

*Important Note


Not all patients suffering from vein disease will be suitable candidates for this treatment.  Please check with your doctor.

Want to look and feel better?  Learn more about our vein treatment services today, call our Baton Rouge office at 225-766-0416, or toll free 800-375-0416.  Your first consultation with us is absolutely free!



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